Our motto - "Heart to Heart Baking"

Oren Meshi bakeries make and sells bread and baked goods, and is among the leading bakeries in Israel.
Our love for the tradition of baking is expressed through ingredients of the highest quality which allow us to make
exquisite quality bread and baked goods with great passion for all our customers.


So how did it all begin?

Since the time of our forefathers in Morocco, our family had a flour mill which made and sold flour to the residents of "A-Rashidia".
40 years later, the first shop is launched while maintaining the tradition of artisanal baking.
The bakery chain was founded by Etty and Yigal Shlomi, with 35 years' experience in the baking industry
and who have been walking in the footsteps of their Moroccan baker families with secret recipes in 1970.


The Production Plant

The production plant was founded in 1999 at the norther industry zone in Ashkelon.
It was established in order to provide the range of bakery services to customers of all types:
individuals, businesses, corporates, and municipalities. Today the plant is working nationwide and sells its products to clients in Israel and abroad.



As part of our growth, we at Oren Meshi Bakeries offer franchises to individuals with culinary and business potential.
The chain now has 5 fully-owned stores and one franchise store (we expect approximately 3 new franchises yearly).

Dreaming of a successful business in the field of culinary and baking?
You may be suitable for becoming our franchisees! For more details dial: 050-7118353 Yoni

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